Production is quoted on a per garment basis – based on the desired quantity of garments you wish to cut and the length of time it takes to sew one garment. To accurately quote a per piece price, please provide your production pattern and a sample garment. While an estimate can be provided based on a sample or a very detailed technical drawing, the most accurate method involves reviewing your pattern and making the garment in our facility.

Product development is quoted based on a flat hourly rate. You will receive an estimate on the length of time to complete the project based on your particular needs. Complete transparency, including actual times provided for product development, can be expected throughout the development process.

Details about your garment characteristics (style, fabric, seam types, etc) are required to ascertain whether we have the machinery and expertise required to cut and sew your particular garment.

No, although ProWear is always happy to provide a production quote. Since, you own the production patterns and samples that come out of the product development process, you can take them anywhere for a cut and sew quote.

Simply complete the quote application on our website or send an email with your requirements. Your request will be reviewed and then the project can be discussed in further detail.

Yes, all apparel products are made in Canada at our facilities. When sourcing existing products, the first option will always be Canadian manufacturers before looking elsewhere.

Current Canadian CSA Standard Z96-15 for high-visibility safety apparel and United States ANSI/ISEA 107-2015 American National Standard for high-visibility safety apparel and accessories standards are followed. Click here for further details on high-visibility safety apparel and standards from the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS).