ProWear was born out of the necessity for more durable, higher-quality safety workwear to be made commercially available that could be comfortably worn at a wide variety of workplaces.

Since 2015, we’ve been determined to keep workers safe on jobsites through continual evolution – always pushing the envelope on innovation.

After working on diverse jobsites for several years, ProWear founders encountered many different situations where workers were being provided subpar safety equipment that either wasn’t always practical for, or couldn’t stand up to, the tasks at hand. As a result, people were failing to properly use their personal protective equipment – if they chose to wear it at all. Although the working conditions were dangerous without the right safety equipment, due to the handling of such things as chemicals and raw materials, workers were choosing to put themselves in harm’s way as opposed to wearing gear that would hinder their duties.

To address this protective apparel gap, ProWear was launched with a two-pronged approach to:

Through these roots, ProWear continues its journey forward – constantly researching new, innovative ways to provide better protection and user-friendliness so important tasks can be performed as safely as possible and in an efficient manner.

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