Our History

ProWear was established when its founders started to notice an increased risk of injury occurring at their workplaces. As injuries and near-misses steadily increased, best work practices were beginning to decay, undermining the production efficiency of quality work. As working men and women, we recognized that bringing back the confidence in production is greatly influenced by the support of safety. Limited design specifications, poor-quality standards, and absence of training, is not how we wanted industry to continue.

Since 2015, our continuous evolution as a safety apparel manufacturer has seen our company pushing the envelope for the performance and durability of safety products while promoting safety culture from the ground up.

Our Approach

ProWear launched with a two-pronged approach to filling in the missing pieces. First, our company built upon existing products in the marketplace by re-designing or modifying them, while implementing new safety standards of our own. Next, we delve into what truly defines quality and performance in a demanding environment by examining the entire production process from design to manufacturing, ensuring a high-quality product that exceeds performance expectations.

Our Future

From these strong roots, ProWear continues to push the industry forward with constant research and implementation of new, innovative technologies. As it was when we first started out, our goal is to provide better protection and user-friendliness through our products, so that our clients can perform their daily tasks as safely and efficiently as possible.

As Canadians, we are proud to produce and manufacture all of our products on home soil. By keeping our production local, we support Canadian communities while providing safety wear for individuals worldwide. ProWear is an environmentally-conscious manufacturer, producing high-quality products right here in Canada.