ProWear provides innovative and high-quality safety apparel, equipment, accessories and promotional products to a variety of workplaces, while promoting and raising safety awareness.

About ProWear

ProWear provides industry-leading innovation and high-quality safety apparel and products, created for a wide variety of industries. We are proudly Canadian and based in Toronto, Ontario.

At ProWear, we manufacture customizable products for national and international distribution. Each product is intentionally created to meet the unique needs of the client while keeping the specific scope of their assignment in mind. Our mission is to create high-performance products that help make our clients feel safe and confident while getting the important tasks of their day completed.

Our Core Values


At ProWear, promoting safety and creating high-performance products for a range of specific projects and workplaces is our main focus. We specialize in creating custom products and modifying garment designs to enable clients working in hazardous or dangerous environments to complete their projects as safely and efficiently as possible.


Using industry-leading technology, Prowear is able to create a wide variety of finished products by including combination, blended and fused materials together on plotted 3D patterns; Ultimately producing high performance products that meet the specific needs of the client. By embracing innovation in ever-evolving industries, ProWear is focused on exceeding performance expectations and seeing through the development process of custom-made products that keep clients safe and their workflow efficient.


Our staff is made up of industry experts who know the ins and outs of the industries we serve. We know how important complying with industry standards, laws, and safety regulations is. Our experienced staff will ensure the design of your product adheres to all rules and regulations while maintaining comfort, performance, and safety.

To learn more about our compliance standards, visit our Regulations page.


Our expertise enables us to better understand client needs. ProWear is proud to create effective, high-quality safety products that do not fatigue, bound, or confine workers while they are performing their task. Our products are created to make our clients feel empowered, safe, and confident in their environment.

During the development phase of your custom product, the ProWear team will visit your working location(s) and watch closely as employees perform their daily tasks. We take this information back to our development team, who use the information provided to create a product that better serves the individual needs of each employee.


ProWear is backed by a powerful network of suppliers and manufacturers located around the world. We offer competitive pricing and outstanding customer service for all our products. Whether you need 500 or 500,000 units, your business is important to us and we will strive to satisfy all your needs.