ProWear provides innovative and high-quality safety apparel, equipment, accessories and promotional products to a variety of workplaces, while promoting and raising safety awareness. A Canadian company based in Toronto, Ontario, ProWear manufactures custom products for national and international distribution, which are made to meet the unique needs of each client with a specific scope of work in mind. This includes such apparel as high-visibility clothing and accessories, fire-rated clothing, and high-quality, military-grade workwear, uniforms and combat gear.

Customizing unique products made to exact specifications, the company specializes in modifying garment designs to help workers complete tasks as safely and efficiently as possible.

Regardless of what’s being designed or who it’s being designed for, safety and workplace protection is the main priority. The end goal is for users to confidently know they’re being provided with high-quality performance products that will make it easier to get important tasks completed in a safe and efficient manner.

Backed by a powerful network of suppliers and manufacturers located around the world, ProWear offers competitive pricing and outstanding customer service. Whether a client is placing an order of 500 units or more than 50,000, we can satisfy all needs.


ProWear’s comprised of people who know the ins and outs of the industries we serve. This enables us to understand what makes sense for clients in order to ensure workers don’t become fatigued, are not bound or confined and can easily adapt to any condition.

This insight empowers the creation of apparel that offers a heightened level of productivity, so workers can work harder, longer and smarter, while keeping them out of harm’s way, helping them succeed in dangerous situations, and creating a higher level of awareness around each workplace.

Promoting open communication with clients and being able to quickly adapt to everchanging needs surrounding safety are the cornerstones to ongoing success.