Step One: Project Submission

Our specialists will work with you directly in order to fully understand your requirements as well as provide options regarding materials, finishes and other specifics. It’s our goal to establish a long-lasting relationship with all of our customers and we recognize that this initial step is crucial in setting the trajectory for the entire project.

Step Two: Details Submission

Here the client provides details, specifications, drawings, patterns for their product. We will take the submitted information and prepare pre-production samples which we will submit to you for approval. Any changes that need to be performed can be done so at this stage and we’ll ensure that they are made in accordance with the most up-to-date specifications or requirements.

Step Three: Production

During this stage, we will enter production of your products based on the approved specification, guidelines and timeframes. You will always know exactly what stage your project is in.

Step Four: Quality Control

Our QC team will inspect the finished products for any deficiencies and ensure that everything was completed to your required specifications.

Step Five: Delivery

Optionally, we offer delivery services as well for projects of any size and can ship your products via ground, sea or air to any major worldwide destination