Our industry-focused apparel is manufactured in Canada and made to meet the unique requirements of each client. Keeping in mind the scope of work, ProWear has the capabilities to produce high-quality apparel including high-visibility clothing and accessories, fire-rated clothing, military-grade workwear, uniforms, and combat gear. Our ability to design new pieces or modify existing products ensures that we can produce the solution, regardless of the problem.



Government Services

ProWear can match the technical specifications required to produce a wide range of products that meet the diverse needs of individuals working in government services. We produce employee uniforms for healthcare workers, safety footwear, branded uniforms, etc. Our Research and Development department is also available to redesign and modify existing products to enhance items already in your catalogue.


We create superior CSA-approved products including high-visibility, fire-rated, weather-protecting, durable workwear that meets even the most stringent health and safety regulations of the construction industry. Wherever innovation in construction safety clothing is required, we provide a practical solution that you can trust.

Mining and Forestry

We continually challenge ourselves to find innovative ways to make our products tougher, more adaptable, fire-rated, weather-resistant, and temperature-regulated to meet the diverse needs of each industry. Regardless of the working conditions, from extreme to ideal, we produce high-performance, durable products that work whenever you do.

Oil and Gas

We offer innovative personal protective equipment to meet the needs of offshore drilling, confined spaces, and temperature-sensitive environments. Using our clean technology, we produce a line of customizable, durable safety wear that holds up against the most demanding tasks.


We provide arc flash and electrical hazard-specific clothing to help keep utility workers safe while they perform the duties of their work. Providing safety is of the utmost importance to us.

Railway and Transportation

We produce high-visibility workwear that ensures workers are visible in low-light and fully dark environments. ProWear also offers apparel solutions for Class 1 railroads, short-line railroads, regional carriers, passenger lines, domestic and international airlines, and ground crews, courier, and long-haul services.

Waste Management

ProWear supplies apparel that ensures comfort and safety while working in high-traffic conditions, both during the day and the night. Providing comfort in all weather conditions and producing apparel that can withstand exposure to heavy contamination and stress is our main objective when serving this industry.


We help you choose the medical clothing and work-wear that’s best suits your employees and the various jobs they perform. Our medical apparel services help enhance your professional image, improve the safety and cleanliness of your medical facility, and support your infection control efforts. In turn this will also help you drive down costs and improve your bottom line.

Pro Wear’s medical garment program complements your overall infection control initiatives.

Our products are specifically designed based on OHSA and CDC guidelines.

In response to COVID-19, we are ramping up production and delivery of essential protective apparel and gear, personal protective equipment(PPE), to meet the current medical supply shortage in Canada. We are determined to ensure our front line health partners professionals have the supplies they need to keep everyone safe.

Masks and respirators

Used to protect both patients and health workers, masks are ideal to protect against the transfer of respiratory fluids and practicles.

Isolation Gowns

The second-most-used piece of PPE, an essential piece to protect healthcare workers, patients, and visitors against infectious hazards.


Ideal for health care personnel to protect both themeselves and patients from microorganisms, body fluids, and particular matter transfer


The health provider’s iconic clothing designed to minimize bacterial contamination.